About the Author

Nadette Rae Rodgers lives and writes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Naples, Florida. Her passion for writing developed at a very young age. Her interest in dream analysis was the basis for her book trilogy. She hopes these books will inspire others to achieve their goals in life.

Nadette is a member of the Quill & Scroll Society. She was also a featured author at the Beaver County Book Fest and Passages & Prose 2016: A Gathering of Authors & their Books.  Nadette’s books have been finalists in the 2018 International Book Awards, 2018 American Fiction Awards, and the 2019 International Book Awards.

She recently has teamed up with baby accessory company, Hoo Loves You, to create adorable children’s story books and ebooks to share her love of reading with those just learning to read. Hoo Loves You and Hoo’s Birthday Is It? are the perfect gifts for the little ones in your life.

To help inspire other young writers, Nadette will visit local middle school and high school creative writing and literature classes.

To contact Nadette, click here.

Sweet Dreams is her fifth published work. It is the final book of The Illusion Trilogy.



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