Exclusive Excerpt | Littsburgh

Hi everyone!

I have some fun news to share!

For those of you who haven’t checked out yet, let me just tell you that it is such an awesome site! First of all, I love that there is a whole website specifically geared to all things books and reading in the Pittsburgh area! (Also, how clever is the name?! “Litt”sburgh! Love it!)

They have interviews with authors, lists of authors who are so talented and are LOCAL to the Pittsburgh area (like me), a calendar of bookish events AND NOW…

They are featuring an exclusive excerpt from my latest novel, book two of The Illusion Trilogy, Echo.

You can only find this little snippet from the book on Littsburgh’s site (and you should definitely check out their site for all things literary Pittsburgh.

The chapter I chose is from a key turning point in Echo, where Addison begins to dig into the history of her family and their town to find that there may just be some more secrets that lie there — secrets that might just have to do with her insane dreams.

So, click here to check out the excerpt from Littsburgh for Echo, and then be sure to look at the calendar of events and author listing after you’re done reading the chapter!

And speaking of calendars of events! You can read this just in time for Passages & Prose 2017, an amazing literary event in Pittsburgh that I am honored to be presenting at this year.

Enjoy! And Happy Reading!


P.S. Already read the excerpt? Liked it and want to get the full book? Click here! 


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