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Writing Book Three: My Inspiration

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s crazy to think that summer is already winding to a close. I hope that you all have had a very lovely summer and got the chance to enjoy a little bit of sunshine and warmth.

I recently had the amazing opportunity to spend some time to focus on my writing. I stayed with my family at the JW Marriott Hotel on Marco Island,  which is a beautiful, recently redone hotel, on one of my favorite beaches. Marco Island is the type of beach with the white, fluffy sand and turquoise waters, with  palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, and I have to say it was such an inspiring place for me.

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I wrote a guest blog post for Nut Free Nerd about a year ago (click here to read it) about where I find my inspiration. I am very much inspired by music – I always listen to music while I write- and nature. More specifically, I find the most inspiration when I’m standing in front of the ocean.

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There is just something so incredible about the magnitude of the ocean, the colors of blues and greens, the way the sun sparkles on the surface, the beautiful shells that wash up on the shore and each tell a story, and the sound of waves crashing, in constant motion. I look out at the ocean and can’t help but feel like I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself, so much more intricate and awe inspiring and vast.

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Upon finishing writing and editing Echo, which comes out in a little over ONE WEEK (how crazy is that?!), I found myself in a bit of a writing slump with some writer’s block I guess you could say.

I wrote my first novel when I was only 14 years-old and at the time I was writing strictly because I wanted to, because it calmed me down, and because I really enjoyed writing it. I also felt I had a story inside me, and I just wanted to put pen to paper and get it all out- even if I was the only one who ever read it.

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But then, I published that book. And the response I have gotten in the one year it has been out in the world literally blows my mind everyday. I wake up and see my book at the top of my book shelf and have to remind myself that I did that, I wrote that book! And people are liking it and asking for more!

So I got to work shortly after book one was released and pumped out book number two of my trilogy. I surprised myself by completing this book in exactly one year down to the date of when book one came out- and having done every thing on my own from writing, editing, re-writing and formatting the book to creating the cover. (Of course, I then had some help with the editing as I’m not the best at grammar, and my editors are an amazing help to me!)

Writing Post 1

I kept trying to start writing book three, but it was a bit harder this time around to find the right words to continue Addison’s story.

But then my family went on our trip last week, and suddenly- whether it was the sunshine or the sound of the ocean- I found my voice, Addison’s voice, and began writing.

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Then one day, I went back up into the room and found a gift left from the hotel and this lovely note. It was such a nice surprise and so inspiring to me to keep writing this story. Because our words matter, and the stories we tell matter- and I have to say that that is my favorite thing about being an author. I get to share my words and my story with others every day. I’ve always hoped I would encourage others to follow my dreams, so reading this note was amazing for me.

Writing Post 9

Book Three is taking a slightly different turn than I had originally anticipated, but I’m very happy with this turn and I hope my readers will be too. Since this is the final book in my trilogy, with the characters my readers have come to know and love, I want this book to be more personal. I want it to be more personal, not only to me as the writer, but also to all of you as the readers.

Writing Post 3.JPG

In writing Echo, I took into account a lot of my readers’ feedback. When someone would email me that they just loved Jake’s sense of humor or Cammie’s best-friend-bond with Addison, I would include that more in my story. So, it was an awesome feeling because it was like some of my readers told this story with me.

And I really want to take that even a step further in the third book and incorporate things that apply to us all. So if once you read Illusion or Echo, you have any thoughts or ideas or even just a story you want to share with me, please don’t hesitate to email me, as I love hearing from all of you and want you to feel like you’re a part of Addison’s story too.

Because we are all dreamers.

Writing Post 4

Thank you all for being such an inspiration to me! I hope that you are always inspired by music, or the ocean, or your loved ones to follow your dreams!

Happy Reading, Happy Writing, Happy Wednesday!

~Nadette Rae

If you haven’t yet and would like to read Illusion click here.

To pre-order Echo for the Kindle click here.

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