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Exciting News!

Hi guys,

First of all, I want to seriously thank all of you who read this blog and have read the book! I am so humbled by the kind words of all the young aspiring writers and avid readers. Thank you!

As you know, the second book of The Illusion Trilogy is set to come out very soon (this fall!!!), but I also have some more exciting news for events happening this fall.

Some of you may have noticed this on my “Upcoming Events” page already, but I wanted to officially announce these events in a blog post as well:

  1. Last year I had such a great time meeting you all at the Beaver County Book Fest that I’ve decided to come back this year for the 2017 Book Fest! I would love to meet you all, sign some books, and chat about writing, so be sure to stop by. Also, Echo will have just been released, so I’ll have some copies of the latest Illusion Trilogy book with me hot off the presses! There are a TON of amazing authors attending this event. It is sure to be a fun day! (For more details on this please see my “Upcoming Events” or click here to be directed to the BCBF Official Site.) This event will be SEPTEMBER 9th, 2017.IMG_0673
  2. Last fall I also attended a lovely event called Passages & Prose: A Gathering of Authors & Their Books. This is also a really awesome literary event with a lot of very talented local authors! Last year, I was the first teen aged author they have had in the Chit-Chat area signing books and chatting about writing and my story. BUT THIS YEAR, I am so incredibly honored and humbled to announce that I will be one of the MAIN-STAGE Speakers at this year’s event! I was so thrilled when the wonderful ladies who run this event asked me to not only come back to this event, but to speak at it. So, please come out and stop by to chat with the amazing authors attending as well, and come to the main stage at 2:00 pm to hear about my journey as an author and the Illusion Trilogy. (For more details on this please see my “Upcoming Events” or click here to be directed to the Passages & Prose Official Site.) This event will be OCTOBER 7th, 2017. IMG_0671

Thank you all for the tremendous support all of my readers have shown for Illusion; I cannot wait for you all to read more about Addison’s story in Echo this Fall. Make sure you’re subscribed here to the blog, I’ll have more updates for you soon!

Many thanks and much excitement,




2 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. This is all SO EXCITING!!! I can’t wait to read the next book and find out what happens next. 🙂 Best of luck with all of your upcoming events– I wish I lived close enough to go to them! 🙂

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