ECHO Cover Revealed!

Hi all,

In my previous post I announced that the cover of my upcoming novel, the second installment of The Illusion Trilogy, Echo, would be revealed this week.

So… here is the first look at the book cover:

Echo_Final copy.jpg
Cover Photo: Nadette Rae Rodgers

I am SO happy with how this one came out! It was exactly the idea I have had in my head for months.

Illusion had the pop of blue in it, and for Echo, I added a pop of red/ burgundy. The first book cover was depicting Addison, covered by a mask with her eyes wide open. This was meant to symbolize her eyes being “opened” to the dream world, yet the mask was “masking” her true life from her friends and family, hiding her dreams from the rest of the world and wondering who was behind the mask in her nightmares. I also included a mask because of the masquerade homecoming dance at the end of the book.

For this cover, however, I wanted it to show her Aunt Carrie, who plays a major role in book two. The aunt was alluded to in book one (and I have gotten many emails and comments asking about who she is and “what’s up with that Aunt Carrie?”), and Echo will answer a lot of those questions! So I really wanted Carrie to be the character depicted on the front. I also wanted her to be sleeping/dreaming, but without a mask because things are a little clearer in this book– there are most questions answered and more of her past as a dreamer is revealed.

Well, I hope you all like the cover! I can’t wait for you to read the book soon! I can’t believe it is almost here.

Thanks to everyone for their support and excitement about this upcoming release!

Always follow your dreams,

~Nadette Rae


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