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Latest 5 star review of Illusion!

Hi guys,

So this morning I woke up and noticed a new review on Barnes & Noble of Illusion. I wanted to share it and also say thank you to the reader who wrote this! It honestly made my day 🙂

“What a captivating, roller coaster ride of a novel! Well-paced, humorous, and delightfully surprising, Illusion promises to capture the reader’s attention from page one to the very end.

The first novel in the exciting new trilogy, Illusion tells the story of Addison Smith, a plucky young girl who has been given an amazing gift of dreams. Though at first terrified of her powers, she begins to except her destiny and unravel the mystery behind her newfound abilities. Along the way, she befriends the dashing new kid at school, who may prove to be more than what he seems at first glance.

Unlike so many of the cookie-cutter female protagonists that grace the pages of most YA fiction, Rodgers has created a very human protagonist in Addison Smith. Though courageous and witty, Smith is also a very relatable character, showing natural emotion under pressure and occasionally doubting her own strength . Smith is a wonderful role model who, like all of Rodger’s characters, brings a whole new dimension to world of YA fiction.

Illusion is a must read for all! Don’t hesitate to grab your own copy of Illusion today, and prepare yourself for a suspense filled evening as you enter Addison’s world where dreams and reality collide. And don’t forget to be on the lookout for #2 in the series. Happy reading!”

To purchase Illusion, click here.

Available in paperback and Kindle editions! 

Thank you, reader, for this awesome review! I love hearing your thoughts about my book! Your reviews really help! So thank you for all who have taken the time to review Illusion.

~Nadette Rae Rodgers


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