Dreaming of…Back to School

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of year again! Back to school time.

If you find yourself dreaming about going back to school, chances are it’s just your nerves or excitement about the start of the school year fast approaching (if you haven’t already started!). Typical dreams would be being late on the first day, forgetting your homework at home, missing the first day of school, or some other first day related nightmare.

But I thought it would be fun today to analyze back to school dreams in a more specific way rather than just in general. 

School→ “Dreams that focus on school reflect your anxiety about how well you are being perceived by others.” (Cheung)

School Hallway→ to dream of yourself in your hallway at school is symbolic of a new path, the beginning of a journey in your waking life. (i.e. starting a new school, going back to school, etc.)

Books→ dreaming of books is a symbol of knowledge and intelligence, or your personal search for knowledge. It could also symbolize a new chapter starting in your life.

Pencils→ you are trying to figure something out in your waking hours. If you are writing with pencil, as opposed to pen, the information you are looking for, or solution, is less permanent. When you write in pencil, you can erase what you wrote, so your mind is not referring to a major change in your life that will remain that way forever.

A test/exam→ anxiety in your waking hours about a new challenge you are facing; you are not confident in yourself/ your abilities (Being unprepared for a test is one of the most common recurring dreams.)  

Chalkboard→ “The blackboard sets information out in black and white, so in dreams it can represent unambiguous insights or the need to make your mark on the world.” (Cheung)

Backpack→ You are going on a new journey/adventure. You are leaving old difficulties behind.

Apple→ “Your thirst for knowledge will be quenched.” (Kemp)

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Sweet Dreams and Happy Back to School!


*Some information found in “The Dream Dictionary From A to Z” by Theresa Cheung

*Some information found in “The Dream Book” by Gillian Kemp



3 thoughts on “Dreaming of…Back to School

    1. Hi Tanya,
      You may be faced with something that is fearful at this time in your life.
      You may be having a hard time making a decision right now. However, something is clouding your judgement and making it hard to decide. Most likely this decision has to do with a female in your life.
      Try writing your dreams down when you wake up.
      Keep dreaming!

  1. Hi. I’m having difficulty interpreting a recent dream. I had an image of a chicken foot sticking out of the ground, like she was zombiefying but decided to stay dead part way through. Any ideas?

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