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Why I love writing…

Happy #WritingWednesday everyone!

I recently made my author profile on Goodreads! You can look at my profile here.

They have a feature where you can ask the author a question (so if any of you have a question for me, feel free to ask it! I’ll be answering as many as I can this week!). The one question was: What’s the best thing about being a writer?

My Goodreads answer was:

I love being a writer because I get to create a whole world out of words. I dream up these places and scenarios in my head and make them a reality by writing them down. Then I get to share those words with others and they get to paint the pictures in their heads in their own unique ways. I love that I have the ability to tell a story and get the constant stream of words in my mind out into other people’s minds. I love that I can make an impact on a reader’s life through my writing.

* * *

But today I thought I would elaborate on my answer a little bit just because I love writing so much and really want to inspire other young writers to follow their dreams!

The best thing about being a writer is honestly the creativeness of it all. As a writer, you get to come up with anything and turn it into a story. Turn a name into a character, a place into a world. Readers across the world might crack open your book and wherever they are, they get transported to the same place and time as someone reading your book halfway across the world.

Take for example, J.K. Rowling. She created a whole new world of wizards and creatures and magic. Thousands upon thousands of people of all ages turn to her books for entertainment or an escape from reality. Now, her creation is literally a place in a theme park. How incredible is that? People pictured Hogwarts for years and then saw it play out in the movie franchise, but now? Now kids and adults alike get to run through the world like Harry did, waving their wands and feeling like they really are inside the book. And to think, Rowling’s words inspired all of that!  

It’s crazy to think about sometimes, how much of an impact writers have on people. I can recall a few books that helped me through tough situations or big decisions. For so many, books is where their hearts really lie, where they can escape to for just a little while when the going gets tough.

As an author, I have the ability to create a world that a reader can fall in love with and that world just might become their safe haven in tough times- and that is truly amazing to me! I know that my writing helps me through situations because I have a way of expressing myself and putting my thoughts into words on paper, but the idea that a story-line I thought up in my head one day could help someone or make them smile? That, reader, is why I write.

Let me know in the comments below if there’s a book that made an impact on your life or if you’re a fellow writer, what the best thing about writing is for you!



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