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Summer Reads: The Moon and More

Here’s my Goodreads Review of The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen:

“Lock and Key” is still my favorite Sarah Dessen book! However, I really liked “The Moon and More”. Dessen just has a way of creating characters that are relatable.

IMG_0487.JPGThis book, like most of the Sarah Dessen books I’ve read had a focus on family and finding the real meaning of it.

Also, this book shows that not everything turns out exactly like you plan in life. There isn’t always the “Best After Ever”. There are unexpected bumps in the road, but you can get through them, just like the character in this book.

I also loved the meaning behind the title and how that is what Emaline’s mom tells her. It was really sweet.

Favorite line in the book: “No matter where I was, or what got me there, I would always feel at home when I touched the sand.”

This line wrapped up the meaning of the whole book SO well! It also really meant a lot to me personally because that is how I feel. It was a really sweet line, and it tied the book together very well.

* * *

I would definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a cute, summer-y book! 🙂

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Happy Reading!



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