Mask Dreams: Unmasked

Masks play a big role in my new book, Illusion, so I thought I’d blog about that today. There is a dance the main character goes to at her high school and it ends up being masquerade themed. The antagonist is constantly wearing a mask or has his face shaded by a hoodie. The main character is pictured on the cover in a mask herself because she feels she has to hide her crazy dreams from the people around her.

So, what does it mean to dream of a mask?

Well, in general, seeing a mask in your dreams means that there is something in your life you feel you need to hide. Or that you are trying to be someone you’re not.

Say you are talking to a friend and you happen to be wearing a mask. That should clue you in that whoever you are talking to should not be trusted.


*Some info found at: http://dreamstop.com/mask-dream-symbol/



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