Synopsis Reveal

Hi all,

It’s finally coming!!! After months and months of editing, my book is finally ready to go!

Illusion will be released late June 2016.

Here’s the synopsis:

   Everybody dreams, everyone has nightmares…but no one dreams quite like Addison Smith.

    Addison has always had unusual dreams. However, the crazy factor has risen to a whole new level.  Still, she doesn’t realize just how unique she is.

   But one day, Addison wakes up covered in bruises with blood on her pillow, and she realizes that maybe her dreams aren’t so normal after all.

   Someone or something is causing all of this, but she doesn’t know who and she doesn’t know why.

   Suddenly the guy of her dreams (literally) becomes the new kid at school and turns her world upside down.

   Before she knows it, the line between reality and her dream world blurs.

                                        What is real?

                                What is just an illusion?


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