Are you dreaming?

Ever heard the phrase, “Pinch me, I’m dreaming”?

Sometimes dreams feel incredibly real to the dreamer, but here are some simple ways to tell if you are really dreaming.

5 Ways to Tell You are Definitely Dreaming:

  1. You can’t tell time. – when dreaming, the dreamer can’t read a clock and typically has no sense of time. Some people say the hands on a clock never move in their dreams. Others have reported clocks having 13 or 11 numbers rather than 12. In my dreams, I can’t usually even find a clock anywhere.
  2.  Physical appearances are off. – sometimes in dreams, you have 6 fingers or 4 toes. Or your hair is a different color than it is in real life. Maybe you look or sound different that usual. Or you know you are dreaming about a friend, but they look different than they usually do.
  3. You can’t read anything. – words jumble together or appear to be in a different language? Do you try to read street signs or instructions and just can’t? When dreaming, most people can’t read anything.
  4.  No sense of direction. -keep walking in circles? Can’t figure out where you are? Loss of your sense of direction is common when dreaming. You could keep running in circles in your dream and never figure out the right path.
  5. Intense Anxiety – if you feel extremely anxious and things just don’t seem right, but there is no way to calm yourself down, you may be dreaming. A sense of anxiety is very common in dreams. Most dreams are tense and negative.

Dream on,


* * *

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