Hey guys,

I am sooooooo excited to announce the title to my first book to all of you.

For past few months, if not years, I have spent countless hours editing, rewriting, formatting and pondering this book.

Recently I had the stimulating opportunity to collaborate with an up and coming photographer (you will hear more about her soon too). The depth of her shots captured the essence of my story. So needless to say, I am stoked about my cover too.

Watch for the preview cover idea in next few months

So anyway…

Click here to find out the title of my upcoming novel.                                                  

If you’re curious about how I came up with my title let me share a little back-story:

A lot of times I come up with an idea for a title and then have to write the story around the idea I get from a word or phrase. I even have a list in my idea notebook of titles I like and hope to use someday.

However, this was the first time I couldn’t figure out a title for the life of me. I kept getting an idea for a title and then the next day I hated it and changed my document back to “untitled”.

My working title for a long time was Just a Dream. But it wasn’t sitting right with me. I thought it was okay but didn’t capture the tone and emotions of my story, so I kept at it.

Finally one day the word “illusion” came up in something I was reading. It instantly clicked, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. It was a kind of  crazy feeling, like when I decided on a name for my protagonist or a back-story for my creepy antagonist. I loved my new idea for a title and when looked up its exact meaning, I thought it fit perfectly.

I hope you all like the title and that it makes you as intrigued and excited as I am! I’ll keep you all posted as far as other tidbits of information about my book. For more info, you can continue to check back here on the home page of my blog or you can check the page set aside for all things Illusion.

Share how you pick a title for your work by commenting, emailing me, or tweeting me @NadetteRae.

Thank you all for all your support through this process!

Check back next Writing Wednesday!


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