The End

"The End" Photo credit: Nadette Rae Rodgers
Photo credit: Nadette Rae Rodgers

Hi guys!

Happy Hump Day!

So for my first official Writing Wednesday post, I’m talking about the end.

Yep, that’s right. The End.

Basically, I’ve written stories since I was little. I would write something and bring it in to proudly show my kindergarten and second grade teachers who would congratulate me and present me with a sticker. I loved the feeling of knowing that I wrote something! When I would read “chapter books” at that age, I dreamt of one day writing a book like the big girls read, with no pictures and lots of words.

In second grade, a teacher of mine published a short story I wrote online. I was so proud of my achievement. My family was very supportive and would let me read my latest writings to them at dinner.

My one aunt would always tell me to send her my stories. She’d tell me how great they were and that I had a real talent. She was an avid reader (read every book on her shelf more than once), so I thought if she liked my writing, I was a true writer.

Well about a year ago I went to see her and brought with me the first hundred pages of my manuscript. She was thrilled and couldn’t wait to tear into it. A day after I left she emailed me begging for more of it. It wasn’t the stories she was used to me writing. It wasn’t about a horse in a field or a girl who lost her doll; it was a real story with a plot and characters and plot-twists.

That was when I began thinking that just maybe I was on to something, and maybe I should keep going. So I took my story back out of a folder tucked away somewhere and got to work. Before I knew it, I was on chapter fifteen, then twenty, then thirty, and finally the epilogue.

By that point, I couldn’t stop. I had to finish.

Late one night, I wrote the last sentence, concluding my story the way I had been hoping to for a while. It was then that I got to type the two words that gave me such a confidence boost.

Those two words were: The End.

It was such an amazing feeling finishing a piece of work I wrote. I was in a way sad it was over, but glad to know I could always write a sequel later on. I get to choose the way the story ends.

I couldn’t get over the fact I had a finished manuscript sitting in my hands after months of writing. I had never gotten that far in my writing before.

Every once and a while I question my writing ability. I think everyone does at some point. But when that happens I try to think back to the feeling I had when I typed “The End”. I decide I want to have that feeling again, and I want to help other writers achieve that feeling too.

So I guess the point of this post is to tell any aspiring writers that if you are contemplating continuing writing a piece or quitting: keep writing. Stick it out. I promise the feeling of writing those two words will be amazing!

The feeling of happiness, pride, accomplishment, etc. that a writer feels after completing something lets the writer know how much reading and writing means in their lives. That feeling is what we writers strive for through all the late nights writing and stresses of editing.

Share your “The End” stories with me. Send me an email telling me all about it on my contact page or tweet me @Nadetterae with the #TheEnd

I encourage you to keep writing, whether it is a novel, short story, poem, song, or anything you want to write from your heart. After all words have such a deep meaning in life, they make our days good or bad or anything in between, but what’s important is that all words have an impact. So share your words with someone!

Good luck reaching “The End”.



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