Writing Wednesday!


Hi everyone!

I’m really excited to start a new portion of my blog, which I will be calling Writing Wednesdays. So on Mondays I’ll continue to review books and on Fridays I will talk about dream meanings. Wednesdays though, will now be devoted to everything writing!

I’ll be blogging about things like writing styles, techniques, advice for aspiring writers, quotes from famous authors, and what inspires me to write.  I hope to interview other authors and share the knowledge we’ve come to know from our experience.  As I go through the self-publishing process, I’ll give helpful hints as I find them.

Finally (and maybe most excitingly) on Writing Wednesdays I will give my blog readers new information about the book I wrote. And maybe even a few sneak peeks and excerpts here and there (shhh)…

If you have any questions about writing you can submit them below, and I will talk about those in an upcoming post.

I cannot wait to share my journey of creating my book with all of you; more importantly, I cannot wait to share my finished product with all my readers!

My best advice if you are a writer reading this is: Go for it! You can do anything you put your mind to! It takes a lot of work, but what do you have to lose?

Happy reading & sweet dreams!

Have a wonderful Writing Wednesday!



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