The Giver

Hi guys!

Here’s my summary and thoughts on The Giver by Lois Lowry:

In a community bordering the edge of Elsewhere, Jonas lives in his family dwelling, going along with all the rules of the Community and not realizing it didn’t used to be that way.

He takes his daily pills, shares his dreams in the morning, goes to school, and is watched by the community elders who decide what his future job will be.

On the day of the Ceremony of the Twelves, Jonas’s name gets skipped over, and he stands there waiting to be told what his future holds. Finally he is called forward, once all the other kids have gone. It is announced that Jonas will become the new Receiver of Memories. He will train with the Giver each day and learn all about the world before him, receiving all the memories the Giver holds inside him.

He is told his new job will be painful. He cannot tell anyone about his training, and he is allowed to break one of the biggest rules: he is now allowed to lie.

He receives memories of snow, a sled, a house on Christmas, and the color red. Soon he begins seeing more and more colors and the “sameness” that the community has put in place is gone for him. He now knows apples are red, as is Fiona’s hair, and grass is green.

The world is a completely different place to Jonas now. He continues to receive more and more memories that change his outlook on everything and show the Community’s true colors.

Now Jonas must decide if the Community is a place he wants to remain living in, or if this new information will make him need to leave.

I really enjoyed this book. I remember reading it for school a while back and loving it. I thought the story line was really interesting, and Lowry does an excellent job of making the story come to life on the pages. I definitely recommend reading this book. It’s an easy read, but a page-turner at the same time. It’s a classic story and a must-read!

I recently saw the movie as well. I have to say I liked the movie more than the book (and I liked the book a lot), but the movie was just a different way to relive the story. I also liked the romance that was put in between Fiona and Jonas. It was a really good representation of the book, and other than a few differences, like the age of the characters, it stayed pretty true to the novel. I would personally suggest reading the book before you see the movie.

Leave a comment below or tweet me @Nadetterae and let me know your thoughts on the book or the new movie for it.

Happy reading!


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