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I know I’ve reviewed the book Matched before. It’s by an author I really enjoy reading, Ally Condie. Click here to read my review of Matchedreview of matched .

Well Matched is the first of three books that all tell the futuristic story of Cassia and her lover triangle with Xander and Ky.

Today I’m talking about book number two in this trilogy: Crossed.

Crossed follows Cassia to the Outer Provinces, where she thinks the Society has taken Ky. But when she gets there, she finds out that Ky escaped the Outer Provinces and ran off for the canyons. Everything is completely different outside of the Society.

This book is told from both Cassia and Ky’s perspectives. I like that you get to see both sides to the story; Cassia’s story of running after the boy she loves, and Ky’s tale of running away from the boy he used to be.

Ky meets two people out in the Outer Provinces: Vick and Eli. They run out to the canyons with him to escape the place the Society has sent them to. Meanwhile, Cassia meets a girl names Indie on her trek in Ky’s footsteps.

Cassia is still stuck in her love triangle between Ky and her best friend, Xander. She’s chasing after Ky but some things happen involving Xander along the way that make her question her choices.

There’s a big emphasis on poetry in this book of the trilogy. I like the poem used throughout the book:
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night by Dylan Thomas. I really liked the words and meaning of the poetry and how Condie used it to bring out her story.

Read Crossed to find out what happens in the canyons and if Cassia and Ky ever find each other again.

Happy reading!


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