Emotions & Dreams

Hi guys!

Dreams are linked to emotions. What we feel during the day can influence what we dream at night or vice versa.

Certain scenarios in dreams evoke feelings or thoughts in us that can effect our waking life.

For example:

If you dream you’re fighting with a friend or a loved one, or some dream incident happens, then this may be enough to make you worry throughout your day, hoping they aren’t still mad at you. Or maybe a dream like this makes you angry at your spouse, sibling, or best friend, and in real life you are upset with them for something they never actually did, you just dreamt it.

If you dream someone dies or gets hurt, then you may feel more grateful to have them around in your waking life. Dreams like these may make you want to make up with that person if you haven’t been getting along, hug him or her a little tighter, take better care of that person, or not take little moments with them for granted in your life.

If you dream someone you know saves you or helps you out in a dream situation, then in your waking life, you may feel like you owe them or you may feel grateful to them for what they did in a dream.

To see what your dreams mean check out my Dream Analysis page!



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