Ten Facts About Dreams You May Not Know

Hi everyone,

Earlier I was doing some research on DreamMoods.com and found some random facts about dreams I thought I’d share with you all.

So… Did you know?

1) Toddlers do not dream about themselves until they are about three or four.

2) Recent research shows thar most people dreams are set in their own house.

3) While people are snoring, they are not dreaming.

4) Fear, anxiety, anger, and sadness are the most common emotions in dreams.

5) Negative feelings in dreams occur twice as often as positive feelings.

6) Ten minutes after a dream ends, about ninety percent of the dream is forgotten.

7) Everybody dreams.

8) About one-third of your lifetime is spent dreaming.

9) Nightmares are most common in children.

10) If you are woken up during REM sleep, you’re more likely to remember your dream than someone who wakes up after REM.

Happy Dreaming!


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