What Dreams Mean

Hi guys!

Dreams are funny things. There are times that what we dream up at night makes us bolt upright in bed, hoping it isn’t true.

Yet, there are other times that we don’t want to wake up, we just want to keep on dreaming, and a delusional part of us  thinks that maybe if we stay asleep and keep dreaming that dream that it’ll come true.

Dreams teach us a lot about ourselves. They show us what we are really thinking deep down, whether that’s what we want to hear right now or not.

People can’t hide from their dreams. I mean, you could stay awake all night and refuse to go to sleep, but that’s not really going to work and will cause lots of other problems in the long run.

Sometimes we need to just face the truth and change the things in life that our subconscious is telling us we need to work on.

Pay attention to what your dreams are saying. Maybe you need to learn to make your own decisions and not rely on other people, maybe you need to calm down and not stress about tiny details because life is uncontrollable, or maybe you need to let your guard down and let certain people in.

Dreams (for the most part) are a nightly occupancy, so most people don’t think too much about their dreams or what they mean. But your dreams are your dreams for a reason, so don’t discount them or pass them off as no big deal.

If you want to know what your dreams mean or are telling you about yourself, check out my Dream Analysis page here on my blog.

Submit a dream and I’ll analyze it for you and tell you what’s going on in that subconscious of yours.

Also if there’s a dream related topic you’ve been wondering about let me know:
Or tweet me @nadetterae with the #Dreams

Talk to you soon!


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