Heaven is for Real

Hi Everyone!

Today’s book blog is Heaven is for Real, a true story about a young boy who went to heaven and came back. It is written from the perspective of Todd Burpo, the boy’s father.

Burpo’s son, Colton, was four at the time and came down with what they thought was the stomach flu or just an ordinary bug going around then, but it turned out to be appendicitis. He was rushed into emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

This part of the book is terrifying because as the reader, you don’t know what is going to happen to Colton. He’s just this little boy with such a bright future ahead of him, but it’s hard to know the outcome of the surgery. I can’t even imagine what the parents were going through during the hours of waiting to see what was going to happen to their son. Burpo does a good job of showing his experience and he really grabbed my attention from page one, but drew me in even further when he talks about waiting for his baby boy to come out of surgery. I like how the reader really gets to see how he was feeling, what he was thinking at that moment.

Now so far this seems like a somewhat ordinary story, right? Well think again…

After Colton gets out of surgery, he’s doing fine, and the parents can finally breathe a little bit. During the surgery, Colton physically dies for a few minutes but was able to be revived.

As Colton recovers from the surgery and is growing older, he begins to slowly reveal little bits and pieces of just what happened in his few minutes while the surgeons were trying to revive him. He went to heaven and met Jesus.

Colton continues to talk about meeting his grandpa in heaven and his little sister. He describes Jesus in ways no four year old would know or think of on their own.

I completely recommend this book. It’s an easy read and a real page-turner. I really like that this story is told from the dad’s perspective and not just an outside source. I think it gives the story so much more meaning being told from a father’s thoughts and experiences.

Some people don’t believe in stories like this, but personally, I think you need to just have a little faith. Stories like Colton’s are here to show that there is a Heaven, and there is a God. There’s something more after this life, and it’s something amazing. I don’t know how you could read such an inspiring book like this about a young boy, read what happened to him and how he explains meeting Jesus, and not believe in something.

I thought it was an amazing book and really inspired me. Read it and leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts!



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