Fourth of July Dreaming

Happy Fourth of July!

Have you ever noticed life has a way of working itself into our dreams? Our everyday habits and lifestyles show up in the mini-movie in our minds, making the dreams seem all that more real.

This is why something you do one day shows up in your dreams that night or days later. As well as things you’re used to like going to school or work seem to be in every dream you have.

So just in case all your Fourth festivities pop up in your dreams tonight, you’ll know what it means.

Fireworks: Dreams featuring you watching fireworks could go one of two ways. The first way is that you feel you have recently overcome something major, a personal victory in life that your subconscious is congratulating you on with a spectacular show. The second direction a dream like this could go in is symbolizing “explosions of rage” from all the frustrations in your life.

Picnic: Sitting down for a nice picnic on a cute little blanket in your dream means that you feel you need a break from everyday life. You wish you could just sit out and relax instead of running in the fast-paced world we live in.

Red: Red in dreams could be associated with passion and energy. At the same time, red could show a sense of rage and anger toward something in your everyday life. Red is the color of blood, so it can be signifying physical strength or vital energy. Seeing a lot of red in your dreams should tell you to think about your life, figure out what is causing the anger, and get rid of that negativity.

White: White is a color of completeness, innocence, and purity. Seeing white in a dream is telling you to be honest and truthful with yourself   about a current situation. Maybe you need a fresh start in life or simply need to see life for what it is, look at life truthfully.

Blue: For starters, blue is often seen as a calming color and usually indicates relaxation. Blue, however, can also represent a feeling of sadness or depression in your waking life like the phrase “feeling blue.” It can also show a sense of justice in a situation and represents the truth.

Stars: Stars represent very exciting opportunities coming up in your life. Seeing a star in your dreams is a good omen. You need to believe in yourself and keep wishing upon stars for your dreams in life to come true.

Flags: A flag is a major symbol of pride and belief in oneself. If you notice the state of the flag (such as being torn, burned, or fine), you may want to think about how you feel towards what the flag was for. For example, if you see a tattered and trampled on flag of your country, you have anger or disappointment within that you feel towards that country.


*Information in today’s post can be found in:
The Dream Dictionary from A to Z
By Theresa Cheung


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