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So I’ve already seen Catching Fire twice! It’s so good. It was definitely my favorite book out of the trilogy and my favorite of the movies so far. I know after seeing or reading Catching Fire you are all excited for Mockingjay, so here’s my review and summary of Mockingjay (even though it’s a year’s wait until the movie.)

So at the end of Catching Fire, Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, just found out about District 12, or the lack there of. She also just was told that Peeta didn’t get his tracker removed like Katniss did, and the Capitol has taken him.

Katniss begins adjusting to her new life in District 13, which is the underground district that is heading up the rebellion. District 13’s president, President Coin, finally convinces Katniss to become “the Mockingjay”, meaning she is the face of the rebellion (even though many people thought that’s what she already was.)

Meanwhile, Peeta is in the Capitol. When he doesn’t follow orders of President Snow, he is injected with venom from a Tracker Jacker, which gives the Capitol the ability to basically brainwash Peeta into thinking he has a deep hatred for Katniss.

Read Mockingjay to see whether Peeta can overcome this new hatred for the girl her truly loves. Does Katniss become the Mockingjay and lead the rebellion? Does she end up with Peeta or Gale? And finally, what becomes of President Snow and his evil plans for the people Katniss loves?

I really liked Mockingjay and the way Collins tied all three books together so well. I really liked the epilogue because it was one of those endings that give you a glimpse of what happens to the characters after the events in the book.


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