Red Riding Hood

Hi everyone!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m back! And I’m getting really excited for Halloween! In the spirit of this holiday, I picked a book that’s a little bit spooky to review today.

Red Riding Hood by Sarah Blakely-Cartwright starts off like any old love story set in a quiet village filled with quiet girls like Valerie. But within the first few pages of the book the reader learns about the secret this village has; it is plagued by a werewolf.

Not just any werewolf, the werewolf that killed Valerie’s sister.

The story continues with Valerie’s family trying to grieve over the loss of their daughter while the rest of the town plans a hunt for the werewolf, expecting it to be a regular sized grey wolf and not a huge wolf that shape shifts to human form by day.

The story takes place during a “Blood moon”, which just so happens to be the only time the werewolf bite can change people into werewolves. (Any other day a bite would simply kill a human, but under a blood moon “A man bitten is a man cursed.”)

A major plotline of this story is Valerie and Henri, who she is engaged to be married to very soon. But there are two problems with this somewhat arranged marriage:

1)   Valerie’s now passed sister was in love with Henri, and it makes Valerie feel guilty knowing that her sister was always jealous Henri loved her instead.


2)   Valerie doesn’t love Henri. She loves Peter, an outcast woodcutter, who her mother does not approve of.

This story if full of major plot twists, which I absolutely loved! Cartwright does a great job of portraying the story though the young Valerie’s eyes and giving just the right amount of dramatic irony so the reader can guess what will happen next but is also surprised when the twist happens. I also like how this book was written after the screenplay for the movie featuring Amanda Seyfried. All the little details in the movie are really brought out in the book and vise versa.

I highly suggest reading Red Riding Hood if you have not yet and once you do watch the movie too! Will Valerie stick to her heart or follow what her parents believe is right? Will the townsmen ever catch the wolf? What will happen when a renowned priest comes to town to rid them of the evil wolf? And maybe most importantly of all, why is Valerie the only one in town who can hear the wolf talk to her as if it were human? And why is the wolf asking her to run away with him?

Happy Halloween!




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