Food in Dreams

Hi everyone!

So you’re having a really awesome day and you think to yourself, “How can life get any better than this?”

Just then you turn around and sitting on the table is a big piece of chocolate cake! (Or red velvet, whichever is your favorite.) You can already taste the smooth chocolate icing and the whole kitchen smells like chocolate.

You dreamily walk over to the cake and just then…you wake up.

Isn’t it funny how food can work its way into our dreams? Or how sometimes we can taste or smell our favorite food in a dream and know what it is even before looking at it? Or what about when you were a kid and your mom would make pancakes on Sunday morning and how the smell of the batter and bacon ends up in your dream and tells you that you are, in fact, dreaming and if you wake up there’s some really yummy food waiting for you?

Well just like anything else, food in dreams has meaning too. Whether its chocolate cake or apples in an orchard, it means something.

So here are a few examples of what food in dreams symbolizes (as found in The Dream Book by: Gillian Kemp):

The cake I talked about before tells you that if there is a situation at the moment that you are anxious or unsure about, don’t worry. A cake in your dreams means that situation will end up with a much better outcome than you are expecting.

Cheese on pizza or a wine and cheese party you go to in your dreams, whatever cheesy dish you dream, means that financial gains are coming for you.

Eating a big juicy steak in your dream may not be as good as you think. Meat in dreams possibly represents ill-health to come.

An apple means that you will learn what you need to know (or have been wanting to know) soon.

Seeing a pineapple is telling you “Bon Voyage!” you will travel soon.

Broccoli symbolizes your social life and indicates you will flourish.

And finally what we’ve all been waiting for…

Chocolate in dreams celebration and love.

“Sweet” Dreams and Happy Friday!



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