Gallagher Girls (Book Six)

Part of me is so excited to say I just finished reading United We Spy, well, yesterday. But the other half of me is sad that the series came to an end.

I’ve been reading Gallagher Girls since the start of the series with I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You. And I must say each book thereafter never ceased to impress me! Each book, chapter, and even page is filled with adventures, and by the end of the series the reader loves Cammie Morgan.

In this epic conclusion, Cammie and her friends are trying to track down the remaining members of the Inner Circle. Gallagher Academy learns that there are moles all throughout the CIA, FBI, and each government organization that was created to stop the Circle of Cavan, but obviously that job is not being done.  Cammie and the gang are told not to get involved with anything because they are too young and no one knows who to trust.

Descendants of the Inner Circle are being killed off right and left. One person in particular must be saved, especially if Macey McHenry has anything to do with it. That person is Preston, son of Samuel Winters, the almost-president from the presidential race the year before.

The group travels to the U.S. embassy in Rome to rescue Preston, and just when they think they’ve got him free and clear he is taken to an unknown location which later turns out to be a type of prison.  No matter what the girls and Zach were told, any Gallagher girl would know they weren’t going to sit around and wait for Preston. So, once again, Cammie, Zach, Macey, Bex, and Liz go off, but this time on a journey to Alaska to save Preston.

I definitely recommend this book. It’s a great read and a total page-turner. It was full of twist and turns and each challenge the girls and Zach faced just proved they were true Gallagher Academy students at heart.

If you have not yet started the Gallagher Girls series, start it soon. It’s an amazingly “Goode” series. J


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