Friday the 13th Superstitions in Dreams?

Hi everyone!

In honor of Friday the Thirteenth, today’s dream post is all about superstitions in the dream world and what they mean!

Case Scenario #1: A black cat crosses your path in your dream tonight.

Meaning: The color of the cat (being black), symbolizes that shame is in your future. But this is not definite; you can change the outcome simply by having a more positive look on your life at this moment. The cat means good fortune in your love life.

Case Scenario #2: You see a ladder in your dream.

Meaning: Seeing a ladder in a dream is actually the opposite of its bad connotation it gets on Friday the 13th. This is a good thing to see a ladder in a dream, it means that you are reaching a goal that is in your sight and are rising to the occasion. It is said the number of steps may have something to do with how long it will be before you reach that goal, but for the most part it symbolizes that you will reach that goal.  Just don’t walk under the ladder 😉

 Case Scenario #3: In the middle of your dream a mirror shatters.

Meaning: A new love interest will flatter you. Your future and your past are colliding. This means either an old love will be brought to the surface or a new person is on their way.

So be cautious if you see these everyday items during the day, but in your dreams these bad luck things can symbolize good fortune.

It’s funny how it’s so ironic.


*Information on dream interpretations from The Dream Book by: Gillian Kemp*


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