Gallagher Girls (Book Three)

Hi everyone!

I was all wrapped up in a good book (we all know the feeling) and I just couldn’t put it down! So here is yesterday’s blog post:

We all know the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, right? Well we also can’t judge a girl by hers. 😉

In the third installment of the Gallagher Girls series, Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover, secret spy school student, Cammie Morgan, always relies on her cover of being a typical teenage girl. She and all of her friends use nicknames like “Bookworm”, “Duchess”, and “Chameleon”, when on Cove-Ops missions for school.

But when Cammie goes to visit her friend, Macey, in Boston she can’t seem to get used to Macey’s cover; a snappy, teenage girl whose father is now a nominee for Vice President of the United States. Macey is spoiled and bratty and her father gives her everything she wants, but the part of her cover that is the most unusual to Cammie is the fact that Macey needs to be protected by the Secret Service. She can pretty much kill a guy with her bare hands and here she is in Boston being referred to as “Peacock” and not allowed out of sight.

But that’s not the only thing Cammie finds weird during her time in Boston. She hasn’t heard from or seen Zach in forever! One day she thinks she sees him listening to a speech the soon-to-be V.P. is giving and goes after him.

In this book, the Circle of Cavan is after Cammie and they attempt to kidnap her and Macey on a rooftop in Boston. Carter’s third part of this series is full of adventure, secret missions, and much more. Read it to see if Cammie and Macey make it out of the Circle’s hands, if Zach ever returns, and if maybe there’s something going on with Macey and the president nominee’s son.



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