Gallagher Girls (Book Two)

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United We Spy, by Ally Carter, comes out in FIFTEEN DAYS! To celebrate I will be reviewing all of the books leading up to the final one all through the month of September. I am so excited for the sixth and final book, but am sad the series is coming to a close.

Book number one in the Gallagher Girls series is I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You. I reviewed this book a little while ago, so here’s a link to that previous post: http://nadetteraerodgers.com/2013/07/29/summer-reads-id-tell-you-i-love-you-but-then-id-have-to-kill-you/

Today I’m going to review the second installment, Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy.

In this book, the reader follows Cammie Morgan on even more covert operations than she had in the first book. This semester, Cammie is hoping for a smooth ride and no interruptions from her studies. There are a few things that could get in the way of that, however.

One being Cammie had just been forced to break up with her boyfriend Josh, who had been a normal boy trying to date a not-so-normal girl. Now, Josh doesn’t remember why Cammie is not normal, thanks to the headmistress (and Cammie’s mom). But does Josh even remember Cammie at all? Does he remember their first date or that he ever dated her at all?

Another thing that could get in the way this year is that Cammie doesn’t go to a normal school; hence she does not have normal studies. Cammie Morgan attends The Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women and her homework includes cracking codes from the FBI, learning the tricks of being a pavement artist, and how to kill someone with her bare hands.

The major block in the road for Cammie, is literally a block in the road. Cammie and her friends Bex, Liz, and Macey find that the East Wing is closed upon their arrival back at school. Of course, being spies and teenage girls at the same time, the girls have to know what’s being the East Wing and why no one can know what’s going on.

The girls begin hearing things with a code name of Blackthorne, as in Blackthorne Institute for Boys, a boy spy school.  In a Cove-Ops assignment Cammie meets Zachary Goode, who she believes to be a regular teenage guy but is actually a student at Blackthorne.

Read this book to find out exactly what (or who) has taken over the East Wing at Gallagher Academy. Will Cammie ever be able to focus on her studies or will a mysterious boy get in the way?



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