Percy Jackson (Book Five)

Hi guys!

Sadly, it is the last installment of Percy Jackson Mondays. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about this fun series as much as I have reviewing it! Leave a comment or Tweet me with any ideas you have for another series for next month. I love to find new books to read and want to know what types of books you enjoy.

The Last Olympian is Riordan’s final book to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.  (There is a new spinoff series with its fourth book to be released this fall. If you liked Percy Jackson you should definitely check out this other series as well.)

Anyway, in this fifth book Percy and his friends are watching as the prophecy unfolds before their very eyes. Everyone knew the battle against the Titans was approaching, but no one knew they would be battling in the streets of Manhattan so soon. The prophecy has something to do with Percy’s sixteenth birthday, which should be a celebration, but for Percy this big number just brings him dread.

Percy bathes in the River Styx to gain Achilles’ power, but with that comes a fatal flaw, or in Percy’s case a weak spot during battle. Can Percy overcome that weak spot? Does Camp Half Blood make it through the battle against the Titans? What will happen between Percy and Annabeth and will they ever be together? I guess you’ll have to read this epic conclusion and find out for yourself exactly what happens in this last battle.

I definitely recommend reading this book. I love the storyline Riordan creates while still keeping with Greek mythology. I think it’s really neat he could make a whole series about old myths and truly make them come alive in a sense that is somewhat relatable to teenagers today. The Last Olympian is officially my favorite book out of the whole series.



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