REM Stage Sleeping

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I spent all day yesterday editing and reworking the book I just wrote. I can’t wait to share it with all of you! J

So this is my Dream blog post for the week that I usually post on Fridays:

Almost all the dreams you remember occur during the REM stage. A lot of people are not quite sure what REM stage is. So today’s blog is just a few facts to help you better understand your dreams.

  • REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It is the period of time where eyes move rapidly and randomly. The sleeper usually has low muscle tones and a rapid, high voltage EEG (Electro-Encephalo Gram, which shows electrical activity of the brain) at this time.


  • Infants spend up to 80% of their time sleeping in REM stage.


  • Adults are only in REM about 20% of their sleeping time each night.


  • REM usually occurs about 90 minutes into your night’s sleep (after all the stages of non-REM.)


  • REM is the fifth stage in the sleep cycle.


  • The major voluntary muscle groups are paralyzed during REM.


  • Heightened brain activity causes intense dreaming during REM.


  • REM is sometimes referred to as “paradoxical sleep”.


  • Dreams that are vividly remembered occur in REM stage.


  • Because the stages in dreaming come in cycles, most people will go into REM sleep 4 to 5 times each night.


  • Adults spend on average about 90-120 minutes in REM per night.




Here are some of the places where I found my information for this blog post:





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