Percy Jackson (Books one and two)

Hi guys!

This Wednesday the second Percy Jackson movie premiers. Lately I’ve been blogging all about my favorite books to read over the summer, which is coming to a close all too quickly. Through the month of August, in honor of Sea of Monsters, I will be blogging about the Percy Jackson the Olympian series.

This Monday, I’m getting you caught up and ready to go see the new movie by writing about both the first two books out of the five novel series.

In The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson begins to realize he may not be a normal teenager. It turns out he can read ancient Greek and his teacher turns into a bird or “fury” as his other teacher in a wheelchair calls it. That teacher in the wheelchair? Yep, the wheelchair is hiding one half of his body; the horse half. Chiron is a centaur. Percy finds out his best friend Grover is really half-goat and biggest plot-twist of all: Percy is a half-blood. This means two things. One is that he is not completely safe in the normal world and must go to Camp Half Blood to become a trained Demigod. The second thing is that his father must be some god up on Mount Olympus, but he never thought his dad would be one of the Big Three.

Upon Percy’s arrival at Camp Half-blood he plays some pretty dangerous rounds of Capture the Flag, gets claimed by Poseidon, and stares into the beautiful grey eyes of Annabeth (one of Athena’s  daughters).

Zeus’s lightning bolt goes missing and when Percy is accused of stealing it he must clear his name. Grover and Annabeth of course won’t let Percy go alone so the three go on a journey to save the bolt by the summer solstice.

I loved all the adventures in this book, both normal and godly. I think it really set the storyline in motion and made me want to read more and more.

In Sea of Monsters, Percy meets a new friend, Tyson, who is over six foot tall and seems to be very attached to Percy from the start. Percy finds out there is trouble going on at Camp Half Blood. The magical border between the real world and the safe zone for these demigods has been tainted by monsters, who are working their way into the camp.

Percy Jackson’s best friend Grover has been taken prisoner on the Island of Cyclopes and he can only communicate with Grover through a link they share between their dreams. Percy and Annabeth now have to travel through the Sea of Monsters to save Grover and all of Camp Half Blood.

The second book was just as full of action as the first and I’m so excited to see the new movie this week!

Keep checking back each Monday to read more about the Percy Jackson series.



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