Dreaming in Black & White

Hi everyone!

Dreams; they are like a motion picture playing in your head every night. You hear the sounds, see the sights and even feel the things around you. It’s almost as if you are truly there, in that space, in that moment.

Colors mean a lot in dreams. I wrote an earlier blog about certain colors and what they mean. In dreams, the fact that you recognize the color is red or blue means something as well. Colors help us identify the meaning behind the dreams and make that movie in our head a little more interesting.

But what if that movie you’re watching is black and white? Almost like a silent film. Nearly twelve percent of sighted people dream exclusively in black and white. But the other eighty-eight percent of us who dream in color aren’t necessarily left out. We can dream in black and white too; and that has more reason to it than seeing colors. It doesn’t happen often (for those of us color-dreamers), but when your dream is plainly black and white it surely means something.

Here are some explanations for black and white dreaming:

– If you tend to watch more black and white movies, or older films. Not too long ago all movies were in black and white so that is what people were used to watching. If they looked around they could plainly tell the grass was green and the sky was blue. But watching a dream play out is like watching a movie, so for those people who watch movies in only black and white it makes sense for their dreams to be like that too.

-Depression is another theory for why people dream in black and white. Clinically depressed people usually have negative dreams. The fact their dreams are black and white shows they sometimes view the world as depressing and dreary with no color to it. Their minds are usually all or nothing and plain as black and white. If someone views the world as a dark or sad place, their dreams will reflect that.

-Everyone tends to have a more dominant side of your brain, just as you write right handed or left handed. People who are left side dominant experience black and white dreams more than colorful ones. These people tend to be more analytical and technical than creative people who are right side dominant.

Some people can’t remember their dreams when they wake up. After all, 90% of our dreams are lost in the first few minutes after we wake up in the morning. So some people probably can’t even remember whether they dream in black and white or in color. Either way, dreams are important and they mean something. Hope this helps you figure out yours!

~ Nadette

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