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Summer Reads (Matched)

Today I’m going back to my original list of my favorite summer reads and blogging about the book Matched by Ally Condie. I’m only writing about the first book for now, but the rest of the trilogy is amazing and definitely worth reading them all.

Matched is set in a place called “the Society” where the government basically runs your life. They decide what you wear, eat, think, believe, and even who you will fall in love with. Every girl in the Society gets a Matching Banquet, a very important moment in her life. She chooses a color for her fancy dress and goes to the banquet to receive the microchip type card that will tell her who her match is.

In Matched, the reader goes through the events of the Matching Banquet with Cassia, the main character. On the night of her banquet the card reveals her match is with Xander, a good friend of hers for years. Both their families knew this was the obvious choice for Cassia and that the Society has once again made a perfect match. What they don’t know is that later that night when Cassia was reviewing her Match Card the face of Ky Markham unexpectedly flashes across the screen.

Ky is the mysterious type of teenage guy, but Cassia is suddenly drawn to the unknown as opposed to a life with Xander, who she’s known her whole life. Cassia begins to doubt that what happened on her card was just a glitch, as a member of the Society told her. She begins spending time with Ky and soon falls in love. But there’s still Xander, her true match.

Read the book and find out which road Cassia decides to take; the easy road with a known outcome or “the road less traveled”, following her heart instead of the government.



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