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Summer Reads (Nicholas Sparks)

I’ve been writing lately about my favorite books to read over your summer break. Today, I thought I’d switch it up and blog about my favorite author.

Nicholas Sparks consistently has at least three books on my summer reading list. My personal favorites of his works are; The Last Song, The Lucky One, Dear John and Safe Haven. All of theses books have the typical “Nicholas Sparks Romance” to them, yet each one has something different to keep readers wanting more.

Both Dear John and The Lucky One have a male protagonist in the plot. In both novels, the leading man is in the military. Whether it’s a girl he meets while on leave or a photograph found on the battle field, the main man in each of these books has something (or rather some girl) worth fighting for.

The female lead comes into play in The Last Song and Safe Haven. These girls are strong characters with backgrounds that lead them to what happens in each novel. In The Last Song, Ronnie experiences first love, while in Safe Haven, Katie wonders if she will be able to let herself love again.

No matter which Nicholas Sparks novel you choose to read, you’re sure to get wrapped up in his well-developed plots and relatable characters.

Happy Reading!!!
~ Nadette


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