Dream Diary

Hi everyone!

Recently I’ve been posting a lot about dreams and what they mean. Whether it is colors, what happens in your dreams or even just a dream that keeps recurring and recurring, they all have meanings and I want to help you figure them out. You may have even noticed my new page on my website where you can get your dream analyzed. But what I’ve heard from a lot of you is that it’s hard remembering your dream, even if it was just a few hours ago. I want to help with that too!

Here’s what you do: start a dream diary. Now that may sound kind of involved (and personally I was never good at keeping up on my journals), but it’s not as bad as you may think and it’s actually kind of fun too!

First go out and get a journal in whatever color, pattern, or size you want (you can even just get a spiral notebook). Make sure you have a pretty pen or one of those sleek executive ones. Next, (and this is my favorite step), later that night, go to sleep!

Now, when you wake up in the morning you take out your Dream Diary and write your dream down while it’s fresh in your mind. Don’t think you have to write your dream down word for word, like you’re writing a book, simply jot down some key points you remember. You could scribble down tree, rainbow, present, cat, colors, or even a person’s name. This way, you’ll have at least some important little pieces of your dream that can help to figure out the meaning.

A dream diary is for you to record what you can remember about your dreams from the night before. It can help improve your memory in the long run, but most of all it helps you figure out what’s going on today.

Hope this helps!



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