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Summer Reads (Prom & Prejudice)

Hey everyone!

I’ve been writing a little bit about all my favorite new books lately so today I’m writing about Prom & Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg.

This book is a modern twist on Jane Austen’s famous book Pride and Prejudice. Many of the characters have the same or similar names to those in Austen’s novel, including Lizzie Bennet. There are parts in the plot that are just like Pride and Prejudice only the setting is in present day New York.

This story follows Lizzie, a scholarship student at Longbourn Academy, where all the girls care about is designer clothes and the boys over at Pemberly. The girls at Longbourn (excluding Lizzie’s best friend, Jane) are flat out mean to Lizzie just because she’s there on a scholarship and can’t afford to wear what they wear unless she borrows it from Jane. Jane is dating a boy named Charles and this leads to Lizzie meeting Charles’s friend, Will Darcy, a snobby rich boy who knows he’s got it all. He doesn’t seem to like Lizzie, which she thinks has something to do with her family’s status. The two tease each other throughout the story but we all know when a guy teases you, he likes you. Lizzie doesn’t seem to want to admit this for a while, or the fact she likes him back.

I’d definitely recommend reading Prom and Prejudice to find out how Lizzie Bennet and Will Darcy’s stories play out. It is a great read and I loved how Eulberg took a classic and created something new, while still keeping with the main theme.

Hopefully you enjoy this book as much as I did!



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