Recurring Dreams: What do they mean?

Hi everyone!

We’ve all had one of those dreams (or even nightmares) that just won’t leave us alone. Night after night in your dreams you miss the subway, flunk a test, or can’t escape a bad situation. But what exactly does that recurring nightmare mean?

First off, recurring dreams are meant to focus our attention on a problem we have yet to solve or a situation we’re keeping bottled up. The same dream keeps playing in your head to get you to realize that you need to do something about the problem. You can’t just push it off to the side. Your subconscious will at some point find a solution to the problem and hopefully the dreams will stop.

You may think no one else understands your recurring dream, but the truth is most people’s recurring dreams have the same roots and meanings. I thought I’d share some of the meanings I found in that book I mentioned before (The Dream Book by: Gillian Kemp):

If your recurring dream is about you being chased and you cannot move or run from the chaser, it is a sign of anxiety. This type of dream means you lack confidence and can be rooted in your childhood when you didn’t have the physical ability to run away from your problems.

Another example would be inanimate objects coming to life. Let’s say (in your dream) your doll “Suzy” comes to life. This symbolizes that you are maturing or discovering new interests that you used to think of as boring.

Lastly, when you continuously dream of meeting someone your already know (whether he or she is still alive or not) means that person is always in the back of your mind.

Hope this helps you figure out what’s going on in your head while you’re sleeping!



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