Colors in Dreams

Hi everyone!

So I’m really intrigued with dreams, no not like dreaming to be a singer someday but the dreams you have while you’re sleeping. Every dream means something and there are even people out there who can analyze your dreams for you. You may not think that little details like a black hoodie, yellow rose, purple elephant, etc. in your dreams have any meaning to them at all, but they do!

I wanted to do some research on colors and what they mean in the context of your dreams and found this awesome book:

The Dream Book Dream Spells, Nighttime Potions, and Other Magical Sleep Formulas 

By: Gillian Kemp

  • So let’s say last night you dreamt that a stranger was chasing you and they were wearing a black hoodie. The fact that the hoodie was black and you picked up on that detail signifies that something in the future may cause you to feel shame.
  • Now, on a not so creepy note, let’s say you are wearing a frilly pink dress in your dream. Pink symbolizes that a romance is in your future.
  • If in your dream you are holding a golden key, the color gold means that you will soon achieve a goal of yours.

Check out the book for more color meanings in dreams and keep checking back to see what’s going on in your dreams.



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